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Sylvain Leroux

News From Ecole Fula Flute / Centre Tyabala De Guinee

Text by Sylvaine Leroux

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Because of your generous and continued help since 2014,L’École Fula Flute has secured a home in Conakry that is now humming with daily activity.

Recently, our students were once more invited at the Palais du Peuple to perform for the President. Our reputation is growing and our work is valued in Guinea.

Sylvail Leroux

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Fundraising Campaign: Ecole Fula Flute (Conakry, Guinea)

L'ECOLE FULA FLUTEGreetings Dear Friends,

Thanks to your generosity, our Ecole Fula Flute, in collaboration with the Centre Tyabala de Guinee, is doing well and enriching the lives of many kids in Conakry (Guinea).

We further our students’ individual and musical development and thus contribute to advance Guinean culture by bringing up a new generation of dedicated flute players thereby infusing a new life in this iconic instrument.

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The Creative Music Foundation (CMF) to Sponsor l’Ecole Fula Flute in West Africa

The Creative Music Foundation is acting as the nonprofit ‘fiscal sponsor’ for CMS alumnus Sylvain Leroux’s project to teach music to children in Guinea, West Africa. CMF is taking tax-deductible donations for the ‘l’Ecole Fula Flute.’ Read Sylvain’s story of how he started the school and the progress it’s made.

Text by Sylvain Leroux

Something very special has been happening in Guinea and l’Ecole Fula Flute has taken a life of its own.

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Recommended Event: Sylvain Leroux’s “Kickstarter Music Education Project in Guinea” Closing Celebration

Date: Thursday, November 20, 2014
Time: 7pm
Venue: Judson Memorial Church (55 Washington Square S, New York, NY 10012)
Ticket: free

Photo by Oyiza

Photo by Oyiza

New York/ Canadian composer  Sylvain Leroux achieved what many told him was impossible: he raised $25,000 to conduct a four-month experimental music education project in Guinea. After the successful Kickstarter campaign, Sylvain arrived in Conakry, Guinea this February and used his invention, the chromatic tambin (an updated version of the local traditional tambin–or Fula flute) to teach a group of children to read and write music.

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