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DooBeeDoo Recommends This Fundraising Campaign: Join Team Spoot! ‘Avant Goddess’ Amy Denio to produce 2 beautiful new recordings on Spoot Music!

Text by Amy Denio


Photo courtesy of Amy Denio

Photo courtesy of Amy Denio

Greetings to all!

I am Amy Denio, a singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, improviser and producer. I’ve been creating and collaborating for most of my life. My main instruments are voice, sax, clarinet, accordion, bass and guitar, though I love making music with almost anything ~ heavy metal(s), balloons, theremin, my mother’s gallstones in a glass jar, slapping water in a bathtub or singing in a cistern, making field recordings. Sound is my language.

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CD Review: Amy Denio’s solo album… her fearless exploration of music on her own terms!!

a3418242945_2Artist: Amy Denio
Title: Prodigal Light
Label: Spoot Music
Genre: nu singer-song writer

CD Review by Dawoud Kringle

“Amame” opens Amy Denio’s latest CD release Prodigal Light. An electric guitar figure lays down a foundation for Denio and the others to fill the air with lush vocal harmonies. The song has a very “old world folkish” feel that lures the listener into its peaceful and contemplative world. Flutes and a rubbery bass part work their way into the hypnotic song. It ends without warning.

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Saluti A Tutti! This is Kultur Shock, we’re a Seattle-based gypsy punk band…culture shock…?!

unnamedText by Amy Denio (Kultur Shock member)

We all survived the Kultur Shock: Heaven and Hell Tour of November/December 2013 with limps, scrapes, a mashed fingertip, various pitched coughs (depending on size of chest cavity), enduring lots of ice & cold and Saso guiding us through dicey driving conditions (thanks Santa Marta for all you do for us).
But more importantly every concert was amazing, we met the next young generation of music lovers, orgonite was in positive evidence.  Other high points:  security guards surrounded me when I filmed a CPR video in the foyer of a Health Clinic waiting to meet my friends (no arrest), plus I inadvertently broke and entered a man’s apartment in Mostar looking for a toilet ~ he kindly offered me coffee (no arrest).
This short tour created more beautiful memories than one could ever imagine.  18 concerts in 21 days, spanning France, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary and Romania. See photos & videos to the right…

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The 10th release by the The Tiptones Saxophone Quartet (plus drums)!!!

CD review by Matt Cole

Artist: The Tiptons Saxophone Quartet
Title: Strange Flower
Cat.#: 884501405928
Label: Zipa! / Spoot Music
Genre: Jazz/Balkan Beat
Listen to and buy the CD

Strange Flower, recorded in June of 2010 and dropped this winter, is the 10th release by the The Tiptones Saxophone Quartet  (plus drums), the 6th since the band reformed in 2002, and the 2nd featuring the band’s current lineup of, Amy Denio  (alto sax, clarinet, voice),  Jessica Lurie  (alto & tenor sax, voice), Sue Orfield  (tenor sax, voice), and Tina Richerson (baritone sax, voice). Chris Stromquist (of Kultur Shock, Slavic Soul Party, and other fame) holds down the drums on this album.

The Tiptons are named for Billy Tipton, a successful big band saxophone player, pianist, and band leader who was born a woman but dressed and then lived as a man, in order to play the music that he loved without being relegated to novelty acts; except for a few family members and friends, most of Tipton’s friends and musical collaborators did not learn of his anatomical gender until after his death.

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