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A short film documentary: A Tribe Called Red – music activists from Canada.

Text by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Is music made only for entertaining people? Is music just a commercial product? Is music something deep and important in our lives? Why do we still need music? How do you feel about music in general? What’s your answer?
It s is widely known that the power of music influences people’s mood and  creates scenes, routines and occasion in their lives. From Plato to Adorno who portray music in their social theories as an influence on character, social structure and action. A Tribe Called Red is a good example for what DooBeeDoo believes in and why it has been supporting music acts like them:… The basic thrust of the editorial content is that a social awareness can be fostered through music.

Last month, Guillaume Decouflet made his way to the Electric Pow Wow in Ottawa and sat down with A Tribe Called Red to talk party music, urban indigineity, and upending racist stereotypes through multimedia artwork. Cluster Mag is proud to host Decouflet’s account of the experience; a short film-documentary assembled from his interview, a little bit of party footage, and the audio-video work of Bear Witness, one of ATCR’s three members.

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