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MFM’s Second Public Meeting: A Promising Idea Is Put To A Difficult Test

Text by Dawoud Kringle

MFM jpg logoOn Monday, 1/25/16, I attended the second public meeting of Musicians for Musicians (MFM). The regular DBDBD reader will recall my article about the first meeting wherein I mentioned that, as a milestone in the fledgling organization’s humble beginning, it was a successful first step. Now, MFM takes its second step.

MFM founder and president Sohrab Saadat Ladjavardi held court once again for the second meeting. The tradition of a musical interlude, started by Saadat at the first meeting, was led by Zikrayat leader Sami Abu Shumays. He led the participants in a vocal call and response that allowed the participants to experience firsthand the nuances of maqam based melodies.

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CD Review: Church of Betty…overall idealistic “neo-hippie-love-is-the-answer” vibe

Church Of BettyArtist: Church of Betty
Title: Swirled World
Label: Shop Fang Records
Genre: psychedelic rock / progressive world chamber rock

Review by Dawoud Kringle

Brooklyn’s Church of Betty, the brainchild of sitarist / guitarist Chris Rael, was, from its beginning, an interesting anomaly. Being a sitar player myself, I was intrigued by his concept. COB first hit the scene in 1998. An impressive list of musicians who performed and recorded with COB includes tabla master and Rael’s longtime collaborator, Deep Singh. Their live performances brought theatrics and dance to their live sound. Rael’s sitar style, far from orthodox classical raga, nonetheless used raga as a framework he built on a pop / rock / folk / psychedelic foundation.

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Crowdfunding Campaign: help Meg Okura release her first Large Ensemble CD “Ima Ima” by Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble

What:  Meg Okura and the Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble‘s new 10-piece mixed jazz ensemble album

Who: Meg Okura is a Juilliard grad Japanese Jewish Jazz violinist and composer who has had the fortune of working with: Michael Brecker, Tom Harrell, Lee Konitz, Steve Swallow, Dianne Reeves, Helen Sung, Sam Newsome, Kanye West, David Bowie, Philip Glass, Vince Giordano, JC Sanford, and many other wonderful artists.

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The Creative Music Foundation (CMF) to Sponsor l’Ecole Fula Flute in West Africa

The Creative Music Foundation is acting as the nonprofit ‘fiscal sponsor’ for CMS alumnus Sylvain Leroux’s project to teach music to children in Guinea, West Africa. CMF is taking tax-deductible donations for the ‘l’Ecole Fula Flute.’ Read Sylvain’s story of how he started the school and the progress it’s made.

Text by Sylvain Leroux

Something very special has been happening in Guinea and l’Ecole Fula Flute has taken a life of its own.

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