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Interview: Kamran Hooshmand devoting his life to various styles of Middle Eastern music

Interview by DooBeeDooBeeDoo NY editorial staff

DooBeeDoo (DBD): Salam Kamran!

Thanks for making time to do this interview with DooBeeDoo. We’re looking forward to seeing your show this Sunday at CA Music Room in New York.
You have great guests in your ensemble and also a strong band, SoSaLa, opening up for you.
Two different bands with two different sound and messages will be performing but both leaders have their roots in Iran. Is this the first time for you to play here?


(Photo courtesy of Kamran Hooshmand)

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Interview: Arun Ramamurthy “…When I offered him a baseball ticket in exchange for an interview.”

Interview by Richard Bennett

Arun Ramamurthy

Photo courtesy of Arun Ramamurthy

The excellent violinist Arun Ramamurthy combines Carnatic music with jazz in his eponymously titled  Arun Ramamurthy Trio. He lives in Brooklyn with wife, violinist Trina Basu and their baby son. When I offered him a baseball ticket in exchange for an interview, he quickly agreed. We sat in section 202 in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium on a sunny day. Arun was wearing a Don Mattingly Throwback Jersey. I bought Arun a hot dog and a beer and between innings we talked.

Richard Bennett (RB): In your ideal band, would you rather hire Questlove or Zakir Hussein?

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Interview: George Barba Yiorgi and Dervisi…Greek Gangsta Blues and PunkRembetika

Text by Richard Bennett

DervisiGeorge Barba Yiorgi first appeared on the New York music scene as co-leader of the wildly successful Greek-rock band Annabouboula. When the group disbanded in 1994, he mysteriously disappeared for around twenty years. Rumours abounded; the most credible being that he was working as a merchant marine based out of Piraeus Greece. Barba Yiorgi reappeared in NYC in 2014, leading two groups, The ByzanTones (surf-rock) and Dervisi, a rembetika trio in which he sings and plays the tzouras, which is a thin string instrument related to the bouzouki.

Dervisi on SoundCloud:

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Photo by Banning Eyre

Photo by Banning Eyre

Posted by Banning Eyre (Afropop Worldwide), December 22, 2014:

Mali’s pre-eminent singer/songwriter/bandleader came to New York this fall with an unusual act. In the past, he has brought blazing electric ensembles from Paris or New York, and, in recent years, a superb, mostly Malian band featuring acoustic African instruments. This time, the group was smaller still, even more acoustic, and they performed seated, like court musicians entertaining royalty. The music was transcendent, mixing Keita hits like “Tekere” and “Mandjou” with Mande traditional songs like “Sunjata,” the praise song for Salif’s 13th century ancestor, Sunjata Keita.

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Introducing Iran’s KIOSK: interview, live information and new video

Being the pioneer of Iran underground music movement, Kiosk is praised for its quite unprecedented yet unpretentious lyrics – described by BBC as “stinging political satire hidden within the blues and folksy sound” – that highlight the paradoxes of Iranian society and the incompetent political system. Its unique blend of musical styles, from rock n’ blues to gypsy jazz to Iranian folk, keeps Kiosk an inexhaustible force of the alternative in contemporary Persian music.

Catch Kiosk’s 2014 north American tour premiere on Sunday September 28th (live information below), where you will have the chance to experience the band’s live performance of their fresh released album, Call a Cab (Zang Bezan Azhans).

Ali Kamali (bass)
Arash Sobhani (vocals, guitar)
Ardalan Payvar (accordion, keys)
Mohammad Talani (guitar)
Tara Kamangar (violin)
Yahya Alkhansa (drums)

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