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Majid Bekkas (Morocco) – the oud and guembri virtuoso playing the Desert blues!!

Musician pick up by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Majid Bekkas, oud and guembri or sintir virtuoso, guitar professor and singer, has long been a star in his home country Morocco. Over the last few years, he has found his way into the European jazz scene through his collaborations with Archie Shepp, Louis Sclavis, Flavio Boltro, Joachim Kuhn or Klaus Doldinger.

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Syria’s Omar Souleyman at the Issue Project Room (NY, Brooklyn), next door to the DBDBD office!!

Date: June 27, 2010
Venue: Issue Project Room (NY, Brooklyn)

Syria‘s Omar Souleyman is a musician who began his career in 1994. He has been working with a number of musicians with whom he still performs. Under his name they have issued more than five-hundred studio and live- recorded cassette albums which are easily spotted in the shops of any Syrian city. His music has reached a wider audience in recent years due to the American label Sublime Frequencies, from which he has been able to tour extensively and release three records. DBDBD is going to write about this musician in the near future.

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Salif Keita – Africa’s Mozart with a new album and a US tour in works!

Salif Keita‘s voice is one other mortals can only aspire to. A searing tenor that somehow sounds gritty and glorious all at once, it’s a complicated instrument that transcends language barriers, and with its subtle shadings offers solace and succor, joy and even redemption. It’s not for nothing that Keita is known as the golden voice of Mali.

Given Salif Keita’s incredible talent, it was inevitable that one day music would take him back to his homeland, despite the hardships he once faced there. Recently, that inevitability came to pass. With a 35-year career behind him, Keita returned home to record his latest release, M’Bemba, in Bamako in the studio “Moffou” he had built by the River Niger.

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