CD Single Release: Bitter’s Kiss “My God”

A brand new music video/single release entitled “My God”

Bitter's Kiss CD single coverArtist: Bitter’s Kiss
Title: My God
Label: self-produced
Genre: indie Pop
Release date: out

Bitter’s Kiss is the vehicle for singer/songwriter Chloe Baker to showcase her wide range of talents. The New Jersey teenager has garnered attention for her emotional delivery of poignant songs that deal with such complex subjects as love, religion, suicide and growing up in today’s world.

Chloe grew up in a home filled with music, with a home recording studio, a guitar collection, and a father who regularly played in bands. Chloe has been serious about writing music for the past couple of years, and has worked with her father to record and produce her music over the past several months.

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Book cover: Rebelmusic

Jazz and Islam – A Retrospective Series (P.2)

Continued History

Text by Dawoud Kringle

In this part of the Jazz and Islam Series, I will provide a perspective on the growth of Islam among American jazz musicians.

The Mosque of Islamic BrotherhoodMany of the earlier converts to Islam worked at raising money to bring Muslim / Sufi teachers to the USA. Talib Daoud and his wife, singer Dakota Staton (a.k.a. Aliyah Rabia) taught Islam in Philadelphia, PA. She also opened a store in New York City that sold African art and wares, and Islamic books and supplies. An Egyptian man named Sheikh Mahmoud Hassan Rabwan taught Islam and Arabic there. In the New York area a few Muslim owned venues, mostly restaurants, opened that featured musical performances. These included “The East” and “The House of Peace.” Mosques such as the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood used to hold benefit concerts, which featured performers such as Alice Coltrane, and others. Later, a performance venue opened by saxophonist, composer, bandleader, teacher, and mentor Muhammad Salahuddin (1930-2004) called “The University of the Streets” featured performances, workshops, and music instruction.

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CD Release: Phil Gammage “Used Man For Sale”

This longtime American bluesman has been hard at work at one of his most ambitious projects yet, his eighth solo album, Used Man For Sale

Phil Gammage CD coverArtist: Phil Gammage
Title: Used Man For Sale
Label: World Wide Vibe
Genre: Blues/Americana
Release date: October 4, 2016

New York blues/americana musician Phil Gammage  returns with a new 10-song album Used Man for Sale featuring all original songs. In this collection, Phil explores blues, lounge, and countrypolitan, all to great success. The result is an album of unforgettable melodies and music.

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Rick Dellaratta

MFM Workshop “Make Music Your Business” #6 w. Rick DellaRatta

A Workshop About Music Activism and Jazz for Peace™ Grant Programs for Musicians and their Projects 

“Please extend my good wishes to Rick….I admire what he is doing.” – Dave Liebman (September 20, 2016)

Jazz artist, educator and Jazz for Peace™ founder Rick DellaRatta will be leading a special workshop for MFM members and aspiring musicians on making music and business go hand in hand.

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Film Documentary: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

 – A Tale of Billionaires & Ballot Bandits

Greg Palast film posterFollow gonzo investigative reporter Greg Palast (BBC, Rolling Stone) as he busts the new Ku Klux Klan – the billionaire bandits that are behind a scheme to purge one million voters of color in November.

With the help of Willie Nelson, Rosario Dawson, and detectives Ice-T and Richard Belzer, Palast tracks down the secret billionaires behind Donald Trump. His investigation goes from the Artic where Palast is clued in to the heist by a foul-mouthed Eskimo, then on to a speed boat to a high class event in the Hamptons, and finally a jump on the ballot rustler known as “The Vulture.”

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